Sunday, December 18, 2011

Injuried Reserve: Not where I want to be listed!

Hello my trail friends!  Sorry for being MIA but as you will quickly read, I haven't much to post about.

So, I once again find myself on the injured reserve list.  While this is not where I want to be, considering our warmer than normal December weather, it is a fact.  I pissed off upset my bursa sac in my right heel during my last trail race (November).  It was so bad during the race that I ended up walking a good bit as I could not put my heel down.  I immediately called the athletic training room at work so that I could get in and let them work their magic!  So, I have taken this time to focus on cross-training or as I like to call it: anything that helps to reinforce my love of running on the trails!

Cross-training isn't bad.  Not at all.  If you enjoy running in the pool with an aqua-jogger so that you don't sink, it's great!  There is nothing like running laps and sweating in a pool full of water, ha ha!  I have also been able to ride my bike on FLAT terrain.  Let's review, I live in the MOUNTAINS of North Carolina; flat does not exist where I live.  So this translates into riding the trainer.  I am lucky in that I can drive an hour North to the Virginia Creeper Trail and do a 35 mile stretch as time permits. 

My trainer did allow me to run 2 miles this past week to see how my heel did.  That run was pretty close to heaven after 3 weeks off even if it was on pavement!  My heel puffed up I was bummed.  Next day trainer was happy...happy?  Really?  Yes, there was no pain associated with the puffiness.  She sees that as a victory.  So...YIPPEE!  I can run again on Monday, 2 miles and then again on Thursday.  The goal is to go 2 runs with no puffiness and then add 1/2 mile. 

Long story short, I will continue with the cross-training adding my 2 mile runs in a couple of days a week.  I have a feeling Monday's  and Thursday's will become my favorite days of the week!

Happy Trails!